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Do you know an inventive storyteller, future journalist, or a child who just might have something to say?

Develop the habit of writing in the children you love.

Keeping a journal is a good start.

Encourage young children to write down their ideas and express themselves in writing.

Our Creative Writing Bag has everything you need to develop the writing habit. Blank books, markers, stickers and the SPARKS Inite Imagination book arrive in a handy tote bag.

Creative Writing Gift
Send this to your favorite writer.

Sending Gifts Is Easy
The Creative Writing Gift comes with a design-it-yourself writer's notebook, two small blank books, alphabet stickers, design-your-characters eight peice set, colored pencils, ruler, glitter glue and for inspiration, a Sparks Ignite Imagination book. All these and a handy tote for storing your creations will be Gift Wrapped and Shipped to your favorite aspiring author.  Let us send your birthday, holiday, or get well wishes for you. We will enclose your personal message on a card. No pricing information will appear on the packing slip.

$39.50 and $9.50 shipping

It was a dark and stormy night typewriter gift
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